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Note: This portal page serves as a method of finding the various projects which assemble the Towny Advanced plugin ecosystem.

Nearly all of the relevant information is available via the Towny, although downloads to secondary-plugins are less visible.


Our core plugin. Provides region management, as well as a couple forms of PvP warfare.

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Optional plugin to provide chat channels for towns, nations, local, global, staff.

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Optional plugin for Towny-enabled flight.

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Optional plugin to give towns the ability to choose a culture.

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Optional plugin to give Towns and their Nations (and occupiers,) a daily resource, similar to Sid Meier's Civilization.

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Optional plugin to display Towns on Dynmap.

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Optional plugin to display Towns on SquareMap, Pl3xMap, Dynmap & BlueMap.

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Optional plugin that adds improvements to combat-focused servers. Recommended to keep a level playing-field.

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Optional plugin which adds Town-Creation flag to WorldGuard regions.

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Required for servers in online mode, prior to Towny, for when players change their MC name.

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Third-Party Plugins:

While we can't list every plugin that hooks into our APIs, we do provide a small list of them on our wiki. You can also click the other button to search GitHub for uses of our main API; be aware that this will also show our own plugins and any forks...

NOTE: Towny Advanced, and it's contributors, do not guarantee the usability of these plugins. Please direct all issues to the respective projects' maintainers or issue trackers.

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