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Towny Advanced's FlagWar

  • FlagWar is a Nation Vs Nation war system; Stateless Towns cannot participate.
  • FlagWar works on plots of any Town among rival Nations.
Current Status:
Branched off onto it's own addon. (Since Towny
Latest Release (GitHub)    FlagWar Wiki

Previous Status:
Included in Towny (Up to version

How Does FlagWar Work?:

Nation A decides that Nation B sucks. Nation A's King declares them to be enemies using Towny's /nation enemy add [Nation_B] command.

The Residents of Nation A can now attack any of the Towns within Nation B. In order to attack, Residents first need to obtain some oak fence posts (configurable) so that they can plant their War Flag and dispute the plot(s) of Nation B as their own.

The flag‑bearer is the Player who will be placing the War Flag. When the plot has been won over, the plot will be claimed as part of the flag‑bearer’s Town (so make sure they have extra plots available to claim).


  • You cannot attack if you are a Server Operator (OP).
  • You cannot attack a Nation that is Neutral / Peaceful.
  • You cannot attack while being in a Neutral Nation.
  • You can only attack the border plots of enemy Towns. (configurable)
  • You can only place flags on the surface. They sky should not be obstructed.
  • Therefore, you cannot place flags in worlds with a ceiling. (E.g. Nether worlds)

You also cannot attack a Nation with less Players online than defined by the player_limits.min_online_in_nation config node, and the Town you’re attacking must have more online Players than defined by player_limits.min_online_in_Town. These same requirements are in place for your nation as well, so both parties must meet the minimum Player requirements. This is so that the target can retaliate as well as know what’s going on.

Attacking a Nation will automatically add your Nation to defenders' enemies list. This allows for the defending Nation to retaliate immediately without waiting for their king or assistants to come online.

Towny will automatically place a Timer Block for the flag (traditionally, a colored wool block), as well as a light source on top. In the sky you will notice a large beacon so that the defenders know where to go. The wool will animate from green to red as time progresses. After the wool has gone red, the attacker will have held out long enough that they win the area.


Once an enemy attack has started, you'll want to route it quickly. Take note of the global chat, as Towny Plot Coordinates will have been broadcast to the whole server. Use whatever means you can to make your way there. You can use /towny map to see your current coordinates.

Once near the coordinates, you can start to scan the sky for a war beacon and make your way to it. (It's a floating cube, and it won't always render.) The War Flag will be on the surface. Kill your enemies and make your way to their flag. Destroy the Timer Block (the block above the fence post) to cancel the attack.

Economic Costs:

  • Attacking comes at a cost. Whenever a player places a flag, they are charged a staking fee. The player is also checked for if they can afford the repercussions of a successful or failed attack.
  • Whenever a Defender breaks the flag, the Attacker is forced to pay an additional fee to the defending Town.
  • There are different charges for both Home blocks and normal plots.
  • The charges can be either a pillage fee, where the Defending Town pays the flag‑bearer, or it will be a rebuilding cost where the flag‑bearer must pay the Town under attack. This offers a couple of different modes of play.

Further Notes:

  • While the war flag is under dispute, block permissions are changed. However, depending on the server setup, you might not gain full destruction capabilities until after the plot has been won.