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Current Status: Available as an add-on separate from Towny.jar. Under active development.

How Does Siege War Work?:

Siege War is a non-destructive, war-on-demand system, focusing on geo-politics.

Siege War is a more strategic & political option. The system is completely non-destructive to buildings, because town build perms are completely unaffected. Towns can only be captured in their entirety, leaving the mayor in place, and casting the victorious nation as an 'occupying power'.

Siege War also supports 'casual' and 'cross-timezone' player bases. Each siege is typically of a moderate duration (e.g. 3 days), which has the advantage of allowing both 'dedicated' and 'casual/cross-timezone' players to become involved and contribute meaningfully to most wars.

Siege War also provides a 'Peacefulness' mechanic for towns which want to live in peace. This feature allows a town to become immune to sieges and taxes, in return for giving up some control over its national destiny, and causing its residents to experience 'war allergy' if they approach a siege zone.

This war system may appeal to:
  • Servers who would like their players to "Build an empire", and/or "Conquer the World".
  • Servers who like the idea of a war system, but are reluctant to enable anything that would damage existing structures.
  • Servers who have many casual players who drop in for a few hours a week, who would enjoy getting involved in a war, but don't have capacity to arrange involvement in an organised event.
  • Servers which are international, with many cross-timezone players.


The mechanics of SiegeWar are quite straightforward. Here are the basics:
  • Start a Siege: Place a coloured banner next to an enemy town.
  • Score Siege Points - Banner Control: As an attacker or defender, occupy the wilderness area close to the siege-banner for 10 minutes, thus gaining 'banner control', which provides small but constant point increases every few seconds.
  • Score Siege Points - Kill: As an attacker or defender, score high siege points by killing enemy players in a wide radius around the the siege banner.
  • Win Siege: When the siege-victory-timer hits 0, the side with the best siege-points total wins.
  • Plunder Town: If the attacker has won, they may place a chest outside the the town. This will 'plunder' the town of X gold, and transfer the loot to the victorious nation. Towns which run out of money will go 'bankrupt', where perms are still protected, but the town is in debt.
  • Capture Town: If the attacker has won, they may place a second coloured banner outside the town. This will capture the town, and forcibly add it to the victorious nation. (which it cannot leave for a few days)

Q: Where can I get SiegeWar?

A: The Siege War repo

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